Awesome! You’re In!

I can’t wait to see you via Zoom at the time you selected. Please be punctual and ready to focus. Your relationship deserves it!

Here's just some of the ways I can help you change your life...

Debbie is very in tune with what I needed during our sessions. As we got to know each other, I felt she individualized what my priorities and goals were while giving me so many tangible tools and methods to move forward. I have started changing the way I react to difficult situations and conversations.


I cannot say enough about how my life has changed. Debbie allowed me to understand that my emotions may never really go away but my ability to lessen, or help or challenge the thoughts in those moments becomes easier over time the more I work on them.


Debbie assisted me with a set of TRULY life-changing personal and professional decisions. I believe her skills were crucial in providing a perspective and approach I would not have achieved independently. She proved to be amazingly adaptable in providing the level of input I needed throughout the process.


What happens if you don’t show up?

I know life is busy for you…me too! So if you book an appointment, be respectful of my time (and yours) and show up. Or…reschedule.

You’ll get plenty of reminders and a reschedule link will be provided. Please give me at least 24-hours notice if you can.

Unfortunately, some women just ghost me. Don’t be that woman!

To entice (yep, it’s a bribe) you FURTHER to show up, I’ve got a free gift for you. Something you can’t get anywhere else…it’s not on my website. It’s not in any of my programs, and I don’t give it away anywhere else.

It’s the “My Ideal Relationship” template, a super simple way to figure out if your current relationship is aligned with what you actually want and need.

But you’ve got to show up to get it!

My Ideal Relationship cover mocked-up in an ipad.