Love Notes

It’s been a rough day.

Work is stressing you out.

Your love life doesn’t feel very loving right now.

Your kids are driving you crazy.

Nothing’s going right.

You sure wish you could get some professional help!

But therapy and coaching are expensive, right?

And those appointments are only once a week.

You need someone NOW.


What if you didn’t have to wait for an appointment?

What if there was a way to get help every single day?

The kind of help that leads to real change.

Gives you the tools to speak up.

Stand up.

Never give up—on yourself, on God, on your relationship.


Welcome to Love Notes…


Love Notes is my exclusive real-time, on-time coaching program!

Flexibility and Accessibility

Love Notes fits seamlessly into your daily life. No need to wait for scheduled sessions—support is just a text away.

Need real-time feedback? Just grab your phone and reach out—as often as you need to. With Love Notes you can text me multiple times a day. Long, short—doesn’t matter.

Therapy May End—Your Support Doesn’t Need To

If you’ve ever been in therapy, you know it can be invaluable. But at some point, it ends. Yet life still happens.

With Love Notes, you’ve got ongoing support and advice.

And it creates space for ongoing, intentional reflection and growth amid life's hectic pace.

Here’s how it works:

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a video tutorial from me. I’ll walk you through:

  • How to sign up for and use the online portal
  • How to submit your thoughts/questions to me
  • How you’ll receive feedback (and how often)

You’ll also get a welcome email with all the same information.

Here’s the best part. Love Notes is only $99/month. That’s a tiny fraction of what you pay for weekly therapy/coaching, but it gives you a whole lot more access!


No insurance hassles.

No need to juggle work or other responsibilities.

No internet connection problems.

Once you’re in, your membership will renew each month. But no worries, I have a hassle-free cancellation policy, no questions asked.


Your partner in healing and happiness,