Hello Beautiful!

Here’s your free Relationship Rescue Roadmap and a bonus video training.

Debbie Caudle, a middle-aged white woman with short light blonde hair, in a long black dress, standing on a paved road in the middle of a field

If so, let’s talk…

It won’t take long, only about 15 minutes.

And, it won’t cost you anything.


Because I’m looking for a certain type of woman that I know I can help.

It may not be you, and that’s okay. There will still be value for you.

In our 15 minutes together, I promise to give you one actionable piece of advice you can use.

Right away.

Something to help you pick up the fragments of your dignity and self-respect and BELIEVE again.

Believe in…

The possibility of a God-centered, deep connection.

Believe in yourself, in love, and in the restorative, healing power that God intended marriage to have.

And maybe...

Just maybe...

You ARE a woman I’m looking for.

A woman who knows in the depths of her soul that God intended more...

And is willing to courageously fight for that with every fiber of her being.

From my heart to yours,

The past doesn’t have to dictate the present… But it often does.

I’m Debbie Caudle, founder of By Divine Design for Women.

I’ve been a therapist and relationship expert for over 30 years.

Now I work exclusively with Christian women who are struggling to hold onto the dream that lives within each of us...

That secret longing to commit our heart into the hands of a man who will treasure us forever.

Does that dream feel unreachable?

Is the past littered with too many broken promises?

Too many disappointments? Too many betrayals?

Maybe you’ve numbed yourself to the possibility of lasting love.

Cheapened your worth with lowered expectations.

When you no longer see yourself as being something beautiful or awe-inspiring in a man’s eyes, you start to settle.

But seeds of resentment are planted in the fertile soil of past hurts and betrayals.

Do you long for the beautiful, enduring connection that God intended for a man and woman?

Debbie, a white woman with short blond hair, in a black sleeveless dress, walking next to a pool