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Unlock Secrets to a Fulfilling and God-Centered Partnership In 10 Simple Steps

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Life is Short. Is Something Missing?

Instead of enjoying a deep love connection, are you and your partner stagnating…or worse?

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Hi! I'm Debbie Caudle, founder of By Divine Design for Women, and I believe that every woman who dreams of a “happy ever after” kind of love shouldn’t settle for less!

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to give you actionable steps and tools to transform any relationship from the inside out.

It’s possible!

For over 30 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women break free of the negative cycles of self-doubt, anger and hurt that are so damaging.

You can too!

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    It doesn't matter if you have emotional baggage (we all do).

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    It doesn't matter if it feels too late.

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    It doesn't even matter if YOU don't believe in "love ever after" anymore.

If you still have a secret longing for something more…and you’re willing to get serious about making that happen.

I can help you achieve it.


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Let’s design the life God wants for you.

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    Who are you?

    Imagine seeing your worth through the lens of a loving and merciful God, instead of being defined by bad choices.

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    Who do you listen to?

    When God directs your path, you're no longer yanked around by the whims and wishes of others.

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    Who listens to you?

    Words matter. Learn to talk and listen in a way that will build strong connections.

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    Who will you become?

    The woman you are right now, isn’t who you have to be. Heal past wounds, overcome damaging emotions, and embrace the future God has planned for you!

Work with Me


Ready to stop spinning your relationship wheels and get some real traction?

Start with my exclusive real-time, on-time coaching program—Love Notes—for daily guidance and tools (and it’s super affordable!).

Want to get off the treadmill and start living the life God intended for you?

Get started with The Path Less Traveled,

my 7-step plan for how to create your dream life.

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Has your divorce left you emotionally shredded? Afraid to love again? Repeating the same mistakes?

Healing is a journey, not a finite process. We can think we’re “over him,” yet the fear of yet another “failure” terrifies us.  My proven 7-step  program, Beauty from Ashes, takes you through the three essential pillars for recovering from the past and preparing your heart to love again.

How to close the gap between what you have…and what you desire!

If you’re truly ready to do the work, then a customized-for-you private coaching plan is the next step. Specific to-dos and my personal guidance every step of the way will turn your relationship into the meaningful, loving partnership God intended.

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Now Available

The Path Less Traveled

Choices are everything. Over time, you become your choices.

That’s what my book, The Path Less Traveled, is all about—making better choices. Intentional choices.

Whatever stage of life you’re in, whatever your circumstances, you can choose a different path. You can make changes. And if you do, you will see results.

If you want to be more intentional, I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery—down The Path Less Traveled.

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I enjoyed the book so much I invited two Christian friends to form a book club to get the most from this book.

The title and subtitle caught my attention, so I ordered the book and began reading. I found myself easily drawn into Debbie’s story and being motivated by the simple steps outlined for solving a problem or getting back on the road to meeting an important goal.

I enjoyed the book so much I invited two Christian friends to form a book club to get the most from this book. We quickly divided the book into thirds and then met periodically to discuss and inspire each other in our different personal challenges.

We each identified one obstacle/goal in which we needed some help. We shared those goals among ourselves and together with the ideas fired by the book’s inspiration, our own creativity catapulted us into reaching for uncommon solutions.

Debbie’s outright positivity kept encouraging us to get on the right road and face the obstacle and conquer it. The exercise of reading the book and discussing the ideas strengthened each of us to change – and grow in our accomplishments, better our relationships and finish a particular goal. I can wholeheartedly recommend this as a purposeful and good read!

Judy Servidio, Conroe, Texas


I completely received a switch and adjustment in negative mindset and perspective. I have always been a "realist" or so I thought as well as a people pleasing perfectionist. It wasn't until working with Debbie did I realize how hard and critical on myself and others I really was. She allowed me to realize I constantly put others first and then criticize myself for not being enough for everyone. She definitely help me realize faulty beliefs and concepts.

I feel like the biggest change I have made is in adjusting my own thoughts and feelings daily. Everyone struggles, everyone has a lot going on and can let emotions build. But by reframing those thoughts I am taking control and letting God control my outlook on life instead of my emotions control me.


Hello Debbie, I wanted to thank you. I am a success story! I was in a very dark place when I started with you and working with you helped me immensely. I've been on a positive up swing ever since. One of the things I was struggling with was my house full of my parents' belongings and my late father's room that was so full I couldn't get another thing into it. Well I did it! I cleared out my house, had the entire inside painted and multiple repairs, then my friend staged it and it's up for sale! I'm completely debt free! I am the happiest I've ever been and my mental health is stable. Once again, thank you for coming into my life when I was in a pit of doom and helping me find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Debbie is very in tune with what I needed during our sessions. As we got to know each other, I felt she individualized what my priorities and goals were while giving me so many tangible tools and methods to move forward. I have started changing the way I react to difficult situations and conversations.

My relationship with my husband has improved significantly and I'm more level headed when things make me upset.


I cannot say enough about how my life has changed. Debbie allowed me to understand that my emotions may never really go away but my ability to lessen, or help or challenge the thoughts in those moments becomes easier over time the more I work on them.


Debbie assisted me with a set of TRULY life-changing personal and professional decisions. I believe her skills were crucial in providing a perspective and approach I would not have achieved independently. She proved to be amazingly adaptable in providing the level of input I needed throughout the process. Her professional and personal experiences have equipped her to affect real change with responsibility and discernment. One of the most helpful aspects of the process for me was Debbie's use of assessments to assist in understanding my personality. My investment with Debbie has resulted in a better life for me and those around me. My life, my relationships, and my future have all been improved and redefined by my work with her.


Debbie is wonderful! She has helped me learn to find myself. I have learned how to become a better listener and to be able to communicate better with my loved ones. I was a very controlling person and I have learned to be able to "control" myself instead of trying to control every situation. Her insight is unbelievable. She makes so much sense. Just her knowledge and insight have helped me a lot. I have been able to better handle situations. I still have work to do, but I am working on moving on from a toxic marriage.

Follow the 3 Steps to Transform Your Relationships

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Let's get clear on what you really want, and what's keeping you from having the relationship you've been dreaming of.

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Design Your Dream Relationship

Once we do that we'll map out a customized plan for how to get you where you want your relationship to be.

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Pick Your Plan

We’ll create your custom plan around your expectations AND your budget. And don’t worry, we’ve got lots of freebies.

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Discover the Relationship Rescue Roadmap

Unlock Secrets to a Fulfilling and God-Centered Partnership In 10 Simple Steps